Diane Dumashie


FIG President Elect 2023-2026

Renowned as a client lead, Diane is an adaptive multi—skilled land economist specialising in negotiating and delivering complex, multi stakeholder projects. She is focused, dynamic, independent and inspirational in the way she helps clients to hold difficult conversations and is adept at enabling, facilitating and bringing people and resources together to achieve organisational objectives. Stakeholder smart her project delivery seeks a customer focused approach to broker collaborative working between key partners to achieve shared objectives. She leads and innovates to manage change, energises and resolves complex issues in the areas of land management, land administration, gender rights, land and coastal property regeneration to deliver successful outcomes. As a professional with a Royal chartered status, operating in the land economy her aim is to improve people’s livelihoods. Diane has helped government’s donor agency private sector professionals working across the commonwealth countries this is evidenced by key areas of specialism... "My origins lie in land economics and principles of good governance working for the public and private sector; specifically, across the Commonwealth."

Ercan Orhan

Dr. Orhan ERCAN

FIG Vice President

Dr. Orhan Ercan He had his BSc at 1983, MSc at 1988 and PhD at 1997. He worked as executive staff at `Turkish National Spatial Data Infrastructure (preparatory works) phase I and II` and Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBIS) Projects. He was the critical research staff worked at CORS-TR project group. After retiring from the Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, he worked in the private sector for several years. Besides, he has been involved in various geodetic and surveying – photogrammetric mapping, regional/urban planning, agriculture-based land use planning, software development, consultancy etc. projects in Turkey, Libya, Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries. He had published/presented more than 50 papers for various academic journals/congress. He served as the Vice President of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) in 2017-2021. He is currently UN-GGIM Land Administration Expert Group member as a FIG representative and works as a lecturer at Department of Real Estate Development and Management, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Ankara University.

Vladimir Krupa

Vladimir KRUPA

CLGE President

Mr Vladimir Krupa is CIO and Project Manager in the design company, Zavod za urbanizam i izgradnju d.d. Osijek“ responsible for spatial data, information technology and development. At the establishment of the Croatian Chamber of Chartered Geodetic Engineers in 2009, he became member of the Management Board and from 2013 to 2019 he was the President of Croatian Chamber of Chartered Geodetic Engineers. He is currently President of the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors ( CLGE ).

Ionut Savoiu


Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Mr. Ionut Savoiu is State Secretary at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure since January 2022. Between 2012 and 2016 Mr. Savoiu was member of The Romanian Parliament – Vice-president of IT&C Commission. From 2005 to 2012, he was country managing director of Blom Romania and international consultant in Blom International. During the Blom Romania period, Ionut Savoiu was in charge of business development, sales and projects in Romania and countries in East Europe. Further Ionut was responsible of mapping and GIS production for Blom Group. In 2004, he was appointed as Deputy General Manager of National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (NACLR), Romania. He is honorary advisor to the Board of the Romanian Surveyors Association. Ionut Savoiu graduated from Faculty of Geodesy – Technical University for Construction Bucharest, Romania. His diploma was prepared at Institute for Photogrammetry – Hannover University, Germany. He holds an MBA at IEDC - School of management Bled, Slovenia. Between December 2018 and January 2022 Ionut Savoiu was the President of UGR.

Anca Ginavar


Director of Technical Directorate in the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration

Anca GINAVAR is an architect, certified urban and regional planner, certified project verifier, currently being the Director of the Technical Directorate, within the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration and also associate lecturer within the University of Bucharest, teaching legislation in urban planning, construction, public administration and good governance. Within the ministry, her main responsibilities are the coordination of the activity of territorial and urban planning and construction at central level, technical coordination of the reform in the spatial planning and construction domains, including building renovation and sustainability. She is a certified trainer for public administration with an important experience in teaching and training in fields such as urban planning, public administration and good governance, strategic planning, citizen participation. Her commitment to sustainability are reflected in 23 years of international experience in the field of design, implementation and evaluation of urban planning and strategic development policies, construction and architecture, programs and projects.

Robert Dobre

Robert DOBRE

Director in the General Department for European Transport Programmes

Robert Dobre is Director in the General Department for European Transport Programmes at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and PhD lecturer at the University of Bucharest on spatial planning and sustainable development. His doctoral thesis focused on the planning of transport infrastructure in the Prahova Valley, with particular reference to the Comarnic - Brasov motorway. Since 2014 he has been part of the team of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure where he coordinated the General Transport Master Plan of Romania. He also coordinated the implementation of the Investment Programme for the development of transport infrastructure for the period 2021-2027 as well as Component 4 - Sustainable Transport of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

Constantin ENE

Constantin ENE

National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration

Ana-Cornelia BADEA

Ana-Cornelia BADEA, Professor PhD. eng.

Faculty of Geodesy, Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

Mrs. Ana-Cornelia Badea is Professor at the Faculty of Geodesy, the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, being the director of the Research Center Geodetic Engineering Measurements and Spatial Data Infrastructures. She is the representative of the UTCB at FIG, being delegated to Committees 3 (Spatial Information Management), 7 (Cadastre and Land Management), 8 (Spatial Planning and Development). Her research interests are related to GIS analysis, WebGIS applications, spatial planning, 3D modeling, 3D cadastre, GIS-BIM integration, mobile mapping, geospatial standards, LADM. Recently, she has been involved in projects such as EU-CONEXUS Project - responsible for GIS and Remote Sensing Course, DivAirCity-H2020, COST16219, COST17125. She is vice-president of the Romanian Surveyors Union and member of the ASRO TC 359 Standardization Committee, connected with ISO and CEN.

Pietro Grimaldi

Pietro GRIMALDI, Professor PhD. eng.

Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

Mr. Pietro Grimaldi formed under the Civil Engineering Building (School of Supsi in Lugano and at the Faculty of Engineering in Bari) since 1982 is interested in "Architectonic Photogrammetry" is the remarkable photogrammetric documentation of the "Convent of San Damiano in Assisi" performed in 1990. Grimaldi turns great interest to architectural documentation with the use of new technologies following the development of digital technology in Photogrammetry and starting, in recent years, the study in addition to the finalization of the survey, the proper use of laser scanning 3D and thermographic technology in architectonic documentation. Focussing the documentation of cultural heritage as evidenced by the last "business" of initiating a "Center for Documentation of Cultural Heritage on line in South America" with the sponsorship and contribution of the University Central of Venezuela (UCV). Finally, the participation in and publication of some 50 works, most of them in international conferences (Spain, Poland, Romania, Greece, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Costa Rica). At the moment Professor Pietro Grimaldi is in the position of expert on the subject of photogrammetry and 3D laser scanner in the Politecnico di Bari (Italy).

Corneliu Paunescu

Prof. PhD. Eng. Cornel Paunescu

General Manager Cornel & Cornel Topoexim

Mr. Cornel Paunescu is member of the Romanian Surveyors Union since 1990 and he was elected as President in 2014. He is Vice President of Association of private surveyors. Starting with 1991 Mr. Paunescu is professor PhD. Eng. at the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics, University of Bucharest. During this period he was the author of several courses of geodesy, topography and GNSS. He is General Director at Cornel & Cornel Topoexim SRL since 1994. He was involved in developing the works of national interest with National Agency for Cadastre and Land registration, CNCFR S.A, National Airport Company S.A., OMV Petrom S.A., Hidroelectrica S.A.

Gheorghe Nistor

Prof. univ. dr. ing. D.H.C. Gheorghe NISTOR

Facultatea de Hidrotehnica, Geodezie si Ingineria Mediului, Universitatea Tehnica Gheorghe Asachi din Iasi

S-a născut la 21 august 1937, în Mun. Galaţi.
Studii universitare: a absolvit Facultatea de Îmbunătăţiri Funciare şi Organizarea Teritoriului Iaşi, specialitatea Măsurători Terestre şi Organizarea teritoriului în anul 1959, ca şef de promoţie.
Titluri ştiinţifice: doctor inginer (1979), cu teza „Asupra unor metode topografo-geodezice de urmărire a comportării construcţiilor”, la Universitatea Transilvania Braşov, conducător ştiinţific prof. univ. dr. ing. Aurel Rusu. La 29 mai 2014, la propunerea Senatului Universităţii Tehnice de Construcţii Bucureşti, i s-a acordat titlul academic şi distincţia de Doctor HONORIS CAUSA, în semn de înaltă preţuire pentru contribuţiile remarcabile la dezvoltarea învăţământului superior de „Inginerie geodezică”, iar la 01 octombrie 2021, la propunerea Facultăţii de Cadastru şi Drept din cadrul Universităţii Agrare de Stat din Modova, i s-a conferit titlul academic de Doctor HONORIS CAUSA, pentru dezvoltarea tradiţiilor inginereşti în R. Moldova. De asemenea, a fost conducător ştiinţific de doctorat (1994-2015), conducând şi finalizând un număr de 16 teze, din care şase în catedră. A fost referent oficial la un număr de 35 teze de doctorat, în centrele universitare Bucureşti (25), Braşov (4), Petroşani (3), Chişinău – R. Moldova (4) şi Iaşi (1).
Activitate didactică: şi-a desfăşurat activitatea la Universitatea Tehnică „Gheorghe Asachi” din Iaşi, în cadrul Facultăţii de Hidrotehnică, Geodezie şi Ingineria Mediului şi a Facultăţii de Construcţii şi Instalaţii, între 1960-2005. A ocupat toate funcţiile, ca profesor, din 1991. A lucrat la disciplinele: Topografie - Geodezie, Teoria prelucrării măsurătorilor geodezice, Geodezie aplicată la studiul terenurilor şi construcţiilor, la profilele Hidrotehnică, Construcţii şi Geodezie-Cadastru. A fost şef de catedră la specializarea de Cadastru a Facultăţii de Hidrotehnică din Iaşi (1999-2005), decan al Facultăţii Transfrontaliere de Inginerie, extensie universitară la Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei, Chişinău (2000-2005), membru al Consiliului facultăţii de Hidrotehnică, membru al Senatului, membru al Consiliului Academic al Senatului şi în Comisia de elaborare a Cartei universităţii.
Activitate ştiinţifică: A elaborat şi publicat 13 cărţi şi manuale universitare, pe domeniul Măsurătorilor terestre, peste 240 de lucrări ştiinţifice, publicate în reviste şi volumele unor simpozioane ştiinţifice naţionale şi internaţionale, a realizat 98 contracte de cercetare şi granturi. A fost evaluator CNCSIS, expert al Agenţiei Naţionale de Cadastru şi Publicitate Imobiliară, expert judiciar, expert al U.T. Iaşi în probleme de fond funciar. A activat în domenii de cercetare, cu realizări remarcabile în: Topografie, Geodezie, Cartografie, Teoria erorilor şi Tehnologia satelitară.